6 Latest Engagement Ring Trends of 2013

Picture Credit- The Antique Engagement Rings

Gone are the days when you could safely buy any engagement ring for your fiancé and be sure that she would love it. Thanks to news about celebrity engagement rings and what is hot and what is not when it comes to jewelry, girls now want the latest even when it comes to their engagement rings. So, before you go ahead and choose an engagement ring to woo her, here are six of the latest trends of 2013 that you should keep in mind when picking up a ring for your ladylove -

1. Coloured Stones

Yes, times have changed. Diamond is no longer the stone of choice for rings and jewelry. Do you want to buy a ring that will completely sweep your beloved off her feet? If yes, then instead of giving her rings with a large diamond on top, give an engagement ring with a sapphire or emerald. These coloured stones are in trend and you will see a lot of celebrities flaunting them on their ring finger. For more details about this design trend, check out http://www.rainbowsapphirejewelers.com/.

2. Vintage Design

If you want a ring that will be timeless, go for the vintage look. There are some beautiful ornate designs with cuts that are classical. Get a ring that promises eternity and never goes out of fashion. A vintage inspired engagement ring that will be as eternal as love.

3. Halos And Double Halos

The latest trend that all brides are flaunting is the halo and the double halo. This trend involves a halo of diamond or any other stone surrounding a larger stone in the middle. You could have diamond all over, or you could place a beautiful sapphire in the middle and surround it with a halo of diamonds. The halo can be custom-made to fit whatever shape you want the central stone to be in.

4. Personalize The Ring

The ring is a token of your love and promise. To make it even more special, personalize the ring. You could engrave on the band of the ring – write a special message or you could also use her birthstone on the ring. Personalization will make the ring you give her even more special.

5. Twisted Bands

This trend is sophisticated and classy. It involves a twist on the band that is dotted with the stone of your choice. It makes for a great piece of engagement jewelry and is sure to grab attention. You can customize the band to fit any shape of stone in the centre.

6. Floral Patterns

If your fiancée is feminine and loves flowers, then you can always choose an engagement ring with a floral pattern for her. It is very girly, sophisticated and showcases a bold personality. These pieces are inspired by cherry blossoms and rose-buds and have beautiful stone filled designs on the band.

Choosing an engagement ring can be a little unnerving. If you keep these trends in mind, you are sure to get a favourable response.

Picture Credit- The Best Engagement Rings

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