Bridal Crystal Spray Hair Combs

For the bride who wants a unique variation of a classic tiara might really love a spray of crystals or a combination of pearls to dress up her wedding hair style. A crystal spray can be a very bold statement as at times they can be larger than a traditional tiara, but not so confined in shape. While a classic tiara is often very symmetrical in style, a spray of crystals can be whimsical, unpredictable, and mold-able around your wedding hairstyle. Classic tiaras are meant to be worn closer to the face, while crystal sprays can be worn on the side of the hair or at the back of the head or both. The advantage to crystal sprays is you can wear lavish earrings or a heavy necklace and still not be overloaded with jewelry, as the hair jewels are focused at the back instead of around the face.

(The picture above to the left was altered in photoshop to give a good indication how pretty these sprays were)  They work really nicely with both dark hair, blondes and redheads

Sprays can work with polished wedding hair styles, such as a bun, but also work really nicely with loose curles, braides, or volumous teased hairstyles.   The bigger, more elaborate hairdos call for larger combs, otherwise, they get lost in the hair and won't stand out.

Combs are toothed and are pushed into the hairstyle to keep it secure and could also be secured in place with bobby pins.  Always have your hair sprayed down with hairspray before placing your comb in the hair.  Any hair spray will dull crystals and rhinestones. 

 My free range carries a large amount of the larger bridal crystal sprays which can cover the side and back of your hair for a very glamourous bridal statement.  Shockingly these pieces are super INEXPENSIVE, most priced around the 20 dollar mark and under, which means they are inexpensive enough to alter

Use it in your own bridal hairstyle, or use them for your bridesmaids hairstyles and switch out the stones for ones which work with the brides maid gowns.  

 With dark brown and black hair, silver and brightly colored rhinestones look the best, while in blonde hair, gold looks much softer than silver.  Replace the white rhinestones with topaz which complements blondes much more than stark silver tones. 

Consider Black diamond Swarovski crystals which give a vintage look to regular white crystals. 

Crystal Flat Black Options

Crystal Wholesale has a large range of flat back crytal options to choose from. 
 I would reccomend using fauceted

Bridal Faux Pearl Rhinestone Hair tiara Comb RB252 From My Free Range

Bridal Rhinestone Crystal Flower Hair tiara Comb RB395

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Bridal Rhinestone Crystal Wedding Hair tiara Comb RB218 From My Free Range

Bridal Rhinestone large Butterfly Hair tiara Comb RB416

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Bridal Dress Vintage style Rhinestone Brooch pin PI243 From My Free Range

Bridal Rhinestone Crystal Wedding Hair Tiara Comb RB20 From My Free Range

Bridal Rhinestone crystal flower Hair tiara Comb RB338

Bridal 10 row Rhinestone Crystal Bracelet Cuff BR167

Bridal Rhinestone crystal Flower Hair tiara Comb RB359

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Bridal 5 row Rhinestone Crystal Bracelet Cuff BR165 From My Free Range

Wedding Tiaras- Bridal Crystal Flower Rhinestone Hair tiara Comb RB392

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My Free Range

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  • Tess

    can anyone tell me a site that I can buy these from?????