Bridal Wedding Headbands

The side embellishment headpieces have made their way on to the runway and are becoming a new trend within bridal jewelry.  I think if I were to do my wedding all over again, I would do this look, because it is different than the wedding looks we have seen for the past 50 years.  This is a really hot look for any bride who is looking for a youthful sexy appearance.  The look is sexy, refined, simplistic yet very glamorous! The photo above has been photoshopped to show you how beautiful a side embellished tiara could look with a sleek sexy ponytail.  (I honestly don't know who the celebrity is, but she is quite beautiful) The ponytail style is certainly not the typical bridal hairstyle choice, but there are some ways you can fancy up a ponytail to look very glamorous.

Pair Up Your Ponytail with A Destination or Informal Gown.

1.  To wear a ponytail with a wedding gown, you must pair up this hairstyle with a gown that would be appropriate with this hairstyle.  Destination gowns are ideal for this style.  Consider gowns that are slender, or which use light weight fabrics. Maggie Sottero's VD7118 features a higher neckline where the hair would look dynamite pulled to the back of the head.  My other favorites are RD1114, JD1328, RD1044, and SD5204.  The look above is a ponytail pulled higher at the top of the head.  Consider adding a braid extension which could possibly wrap around the ponytail for a fuller look.

Add Some Volume

2.  Unless you have very long thick hair, you will need to add hair extensions for this look.  Adding extensions will give you full volume, even though most of your hair will be pulled to the back.   This is your chance to have fuller thicker hair for once in your life.  The best part of this style is it won't look obvious that you are wearing extensions because the hair is pulled to the back.

Ponytail Ideas

Some ponytail looks feature a poof at the mid-back works really well with a bridal hairstyle because it is somewhat whimsical.

Jessica Simpson has a wonderful hair extention line with both real and fake hair.  I would suggest getting the real hair, but the fake hair is just as nice without the cost. Simpson is the only one that I know of that sells bang extentions for those brides who want the look of bangs without having to cut their hair and then wait several years for their bangs to grow back out.  You can have instant bangs for your wedding day without having to be stuck with the look for several years after.

Simpson's ponytail wrap is very easy to put in, although for the bride who wants more volume and longer length, consider going with something thicker which your hairstylist can cut and trim for the perfect bridal hairstyle.

Add Some Fake Bangs

Work with extensions that are close to your natural color, or have your hair dyed as close to the hair extension as possible.

My BEST experiences with hair extensions is to find extensions that are almost identical to your natural hair color, or to find extensions that work with the hair color you intend to dye your hair.  Consider bringing the hair extension into the salon so they can match it up just right.

My preference with hair extensions is NOT to choose the least expensive hair extension on the market.  I bought a set of extensions for a beauty pageant once and because my hair was so damaged, it didn't have the shine and weight that the synthetic hair does.

Often times the cheapest hair extensions look like plastic, and feel way too smooth and straight to the touch.  Most peoples hair is rather dull, and thin, so it is worth the investment to buy real hair than fake.  From one brand to the next, they are all different.  Most of the middle range brands are fairly nice to wear.  Remember not all brands are alike.  Most are certainly NOT like the cheesy ponytail hair rings you see for $2 at your local drugstore.

Today we see the trend for veils is the flat veil which is draped over the head without any gatherings. Look at Kate Middleton's pictures for a simplistic veil draped over her head and tiara. All you need to do is attach a clear plastic comb  to the middle of a long veil which can be pushed into the hair behind the tiara.  It can simply be removed after the wedding ceremony.

Unique Modern Bridal Hairstyle

Add Some Interest than Simply a Ponytail. 

3  This is the picture that inspired me to write this post.  It looks like the hair has been crimped and pushed back into a ponytail.  The overall look is just stunning.  You may have to experiment with the crimpers  that are available on the market to get the look just right, but as you can see the look is very outspoken but subtle.


Wedding Tiara Ideas - Bridal Headband

The Perfect Ponytail Rhinestone Cover.

Silver Rhinestone Flower Vine Bridal Headand

Wedding Tiara Bridal Headband with Swarovski Crystal

Who can forget Venessa Williams in Dance With Me? She looked amazing!! To wear such an informal look for a wedding style, you are needing to dress it up a few ways.

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  • Deshawn Zaborowski

    Oh i love to wear some hair extensions. Hair extensions can really add some volumbe to your hair and makes the flow nicer.