Customize Your Own Wedding Headpiece- DIY Floral Crown Ideas

The Tiara is always been a symbol of royalty. Every woman wants to be a princess or queen on her big day. The precious jewels, crowns and tiaras are optional in this modern age. In ancient times tiaras were made up of leather or fabric and are blended with lot of jewels. […]

The 101 on Bridal Jewelry

Cara Delevingne Wears the Crown for Vogue Australia’s October 2013 Cover

The perfect set of jewelry would be that which completes an ensemble, rather than take center stage and grab all the attention for itself – unless, of course, the main feature is the jewelry itself. But for weddings, the […]

The Beachside Bride’s Tiara Guide

Alexander McQueen

Reminiscent of the Little Mermaid or Isolde, a beachside wedding blends enchantment and mystery. The sea brings endless possibilities and beauty, while the sea wind does its best to tousle your locks into oblivion. If you’re lucky enough to plan a beach, river or lakeside wedding, make sure […]

3 Tips For Shopping For Your Wedding Headpiece Online

Magdalena Frackowiak Stars in Elle Poland’s September Issue

Technology has changed a lot of how we do things. It has affected the way we obtain information; it has added a lot of new words to our expanding vocabulary and most of all it has changed how we spend our […]