What A Wedding Tiara Says About A Bride

The Ada Chain Headpiece -Johanna Johnson Headpieces

What do Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Kate Middleton have in common? They all wore tiaras to their weddings. Tiaras are a prerequisite to every princess, fairytale or real. They are also a must-have for every bride who wants […]

Art Deco 1920’s Tulle Headpiece

Art Deco 1920’s Tulle Headpiece- by WillowMoone

This beautiful headpiece is made by WillowMoone on Etsy. The look is a throw back to the chic and glamorous looks of the 1920s. This headpiece is hand sewn with crystals, at $480.00. Willow Moone says this, “luxuriously sheer tulle headpiece embellished […]

Jennifer Behr’s Bridal Headpieces

Jennifer Behr- Photo Credit -Normans Printery Blog

If you’re seeking a headpiece to spice up your bridal attire, Jennifer Behr’s Collection delivers. These headpieces are handcrafted in New York City and are priced anywhere between $62 to $900. Behr’s collections walks the line between bridal and punk, for the girl who needs a […]

How To Wear The Aigrette Looks With Class

An aigrette is a plume or tuft of feathers, or a jeweled ornament usually worn in the hair. In the 1890’s a new hair ornament emerged called the ‘aigrette’, complete with feathers and plumes became a sensation. Aigrettes became an essential part of the evening attire worn by every woman of fashion influence. During […]