The Beachside Bride’s Tiara Guide

Alexander McQueen

Reminiscent of the Little Mermaid or Isolde, a beachside wedding blends enchantment and mystery. The sea brings endless possibilities and beauty, while the sea wind does its best to tousle your locks into oblivion. If you’re lucky enough to plan a beach, river or lakeside wedding, make sure […]

How To Get The Bohemian Bridal Looks Part 1

Model Sophia E – Model Booking

Many brides are looking for a new fresh look for their wedding appearance, but find the traditional bride with the formal up-dos and diamond tiaras are just not fitting with their personality. Your wedding day is a celebration of the commitment between you and […]

How To Get The Boho Bridal Looks Part 2

Costume Headpiece By Shae Acopian Detar

Nicole Richie is in love with the bohemian looks. She masters the look in every way, – from the hair, accessories, clothing and shoes. Consider studying some of her hair and make-up looks from her celebrity appearances to get ideas for your own wedding.


North American Indian Bridal Looks

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There’s a natural inclination for those brides with a Native American family linage to want to incorporate the intriguing detail and patterns of their heritage into their wedding outfit. The beauty of the handcrafted goods touches upon the richness of the culture, both past and present, […]