Unique 2016 Engagement Rings Trends

A sneak peek at the hottest engagement ring styles you can shop for now

The engagement ring has evolved over many years, although it has always been a symbol of the love between two people. The circle is supposed to represent the eternal bond, with no beginning or end whilst the space in […]

4 Bridal Jewelry Trends For 2016

Bridal Jewelry Trends 2016

If you’re planning on becoming a bride this year, it is important to know more about the most influential trends for 2016. This way you can shine brighter than ever on your big day. The wedding dress is a bride’s greatest concern. It has to fit you perfectly and […]

Cartier Tiaras And Classic Jewelry

Rose and Lily Corsage Ornament, Cartier Paris, 1906, platinum, round old- and rose-cut diamonds, millegrain setting, 19.5 x 29 cm. Sold to Mary Scott Townsend, Cartier Collection

Founded in Paris in 1847, the House of Cartier originally sold a wide range of luxury goods including luxury jewelry made by several […]

Beautiful Tiaras From Queenco

HG176 Empress Josephine

Toile Headpiece

Lace Summer Crown

HG307 Angelababy Wedding Crown

Bridal Headband