The 101 on Bridal Jewelry

Cara Delevingne Wears the Crown for Vogue Australia’s October 2013 Cover

The perfect set of jewelry would be that which completes an ensemble, rather than take center stage and grab all the attention for itself – unless, of course, the main feature is the jewelry itself. But for weddings, the […]

3 Tips For Shopping For Your Wedding Headpiece Online

Magdalena Frackowiak Stars in Elle Poland’s September Issue

Technology has changed a lot of how we do things. It has affected the way we obtain information; it has added a lot of new words to our expanding vocabulary and most of all it has changed how we spend our […]

Aquamarine Jewelry

Tiara Cartier London Tiara, 1937 Platinum, round old-cut diamonds, oval and fancy-cut aquamarines The central motif can be removed from the tiara and worn as a brooch, pointing downward. This tiara was first made with a single row of oval aquamarines, but the client had a second row of identical stones added five months […]

Vintage Wedding Rings

Are you looking for the perfect wedding ring? Want something with style that will last through trends and fads? Why not go vintage? A vintage wedding ring is timeless and perfect for almost any woman’s style. From authentic antiques to radiant replicas, vintage rings never go out of […]