Etruscan, Grecian and Roman Wedding Ideas

Louis Mariette Wedding Tiaras

In medieval times, the wearing of head ornaments was quite common. Royalty wore coronets and rings of leaves, plants and flowers and the dowries of wealthy brides included a jeweled coronal or garland as part of their wedding attire. Headpieces remained popular until the sixteenth century when the plume […]

1st Century Gold Wreath Crowns- Natural Headpiece Ideas For Beach And Outdoor Weddings

Meda’s wreath from the tomb of Philip II Gold, some 80 leaves and 112 flowers surviving, c. 310 BC

From day one, our love for one another was electric and undeniable. My husband and I have been dubbed as an unlikely duo. We’re two individuals with such unique differences that […]

A Touch of Floral In Your Wedding Headpiece

Lazaro Weddings

When you think about a wedding tiara, you usually think diamonds or pearls. But a new kind of tiara is becoming big. Far from the cool elegance of diamonds or the smooth whiteness of pearls, flower tiaras and decorative wreathes are becoming popular. There are many different kids that would suit […]

How to Clean a Wedding Tiara

Along with a tiara usually comes fond memories of a past special occasion or event. It is for this very reason that you should try to take proper care of a tiara so it stays in good condition and can be enjoyed for many years to come. If you happen to have a dirty, […]