Wedding Necklaces

Heavy wedding necklaces can be a very bold and glamorous look for a bride. In bridal fashion shows they often feature brides wearing chunky necklaces because it produces a wow effect. Large necklaces can be a powerful statement showing the bride has confidence in wearing something a little bit more risque than the average […]

Miss Universe’s Mikimoto Pearl crown

The Stunning Mikimoto crown was first introduced for the Miss Universe pageant in 2002 and was the pageants signature crown until 2007. The Mikimoto crown was specifically designed for the pageant on Mikimoto Pearl Island in Japan. Valued at $250,000, the crown used over 800 diamonds,and was almost 18 carats. 120 South Sea and […]

57th Anniversay Miss Universe Crown

In 2008, a special crown was made to celebrate the 57th Miss Universe pageant. Designed by CAO Fine Jewelry located in Vietnam, where the pageant was held. The crown was valued at $120 thousand dollars, it is made of 18K white and yellow gold, and was crafted with over 1,000 precious stones. 30 carats […]

Miss Earth’s New Tiara

Pageants have always commanded the largest and most flashy tiaras. Almost everyone knows the miss Universe pageant, but rarely do we see Miss Earth televised. Catharina Svensson became the first Miss Earth in 01, an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness. In November 09, Larissa Ramos from Brazil became the winner of Miss Earth […]