Julius Ceasar and Emperor Napoleon Laurel Leaf Crowns

A laurel wreath crown is one of the oldest designs in history, and are often seen with an assortment of either flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs which then form a circular crown. Julius Caesar was one of the first gvt officials to print his own bust on a Roman minted coin which he is featured wearing […]

Egyptian Theme Wedding Tiaras

Ancient Egyptians have always been extremely talented in their art of goldsmithing. The Ancient Egyptians were among the first to consitute jewelry-making as a profession. Through archaeological finds we know they first began making their jewelry using natural materials such as beads, shells and bones, but their art took a new turn when metals and […]

George IV State Diadem Royalty Tiaras

One of the most reconognized tiaras is the George IV State Diadem because it is featured on much of the money in several countries. It was designed in 1820 by Rundell, Bridge and Rundell for the coronation of King George IV . The diadem was also worn during the coronation of Queen Victoria, and later […]

Laetitia Bechtolf’s Wedding Tiara

In October of 2006, Prince Philipp von Hessen married Laetitia Bechtolf. Her tiara was by far one of the prettiest of them all. With neoclassical styling with classic wheat and leaves, the tiara was very elaborate yet very light in design. The wedding was attended by about 350 guests among them Crown Prince Frederik and […]