Choosing A Veil Or Tiara That Will Fit Your Personality And Style

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Choosing the perfect tiara or veil for your wedding can be difficult. There are many things to take into account, and there is your own personal style that will also determine what headpieces you like or don’t like. If you need some help choosing the best tiara or veil, then read these helpful tips so that you know what to look for.

Face Shape

Your face shape is very important when you are choosing a headpiece. The wrong headpiece can make your face look very long or flat. If you have a round face, then you should consider a headpiece that has some height to make your face look longer. If you have a long face, then you should choose a flatter headpiece.

Flatter tiaras that cover your forehead are often the best for oval faces because they will keep your face from looking too long. If you have a full face, then a headpiece with a peak is often the best because it will balance out your facial features.

Choose the Gown First

Some women like to choose the accessories first before getting the gown. This is a terrible idea because it will be very difficult to find a headpiece. The headpiece needs to work with the gown. If the two are incompatible, then you will need to change your entire outfit to make it perfect. Not only that, but choosing the gown first narrows your headpiece selection. This allows you to focus on tiaras and veils that will best complement your gown.


Every tiara is going to sparkle. The material and style of the tiara usually determine how much the headpiece is going to sparkle. This might seem like a small thing, but you should try to match the sparkle of your gown with the headpiece. If one sparkles more than the other, than that piece will have more visual attention. If the two match, then it will bring the entire ensemble together.

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Think About Hairstyle

You need to think about the hairstyle you will have during the wedding. If you have a tall hairstyle, then getting a longer headpiece might elongate your face too much. Most headpieces are versatile enough to fit most hairstyles, but you should still take this into account before having your heart set on a specific headpiece. If you are worried about your hairstyle interfering with your headpiece, then you can talk with your stylist to get his or her opinion.


The color of your hair will largely determine the color of the headpiece. While you don’t have to follow this tip if you have your heart set on a certain color for your headpiece, many experts suggest the following color combinations.

If you have dark or blonde hair, then you should consider white and silver tiaras. The light colors will contrast dark hair, and it will complement blonde hair. If you have red or brown hair, then you should consider cream and gold tiaras because these tiaras will have a slight contrast that looks beautiful. Some experts have also suggested darker tiaras for blonde hair if you want some contrast.


You should always think about the details when considering any bridal accessory. Details really separate good for great accessories, and a small detail can easily transform a bride into a princess.

For example, adding a few pearls to the headpiece can really bring together an outfit if you are wearing a pearl necklace. You can also add a few colored stones to the headpiece to spice up your wedding apparel. Try adding some blue or red stones to your headpiece to see how much they can change your ensemble.


You have to consider many factors when choosing the perfect veil or tiara, but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you know what to look for. Just think about your face, hairstyle and the gown to help you find the best headpiece for your style and natural features. At the same time, don’t let the rules get in the way. If you think a headpiece looks good, then get it. This is your wedding. If you think it looks perfect, then that should be good enough for everyone else.

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