Elizabeth Hurley’s Indian Wedding Headpiece

When Elizabeth Hurley married Arun Nayarthe in 2007, the couple had not just one wedding but twoelaborate weddings.  One wedding was classic British while the other one was a traditional Indian ceremony, which suited both of their families cultures.  The couple was featured in Hello Magazine, and People Magazine as the wedding was extremely luxurious while being very unique to both cultures.   In the last several years we are seeing a huge impact of the Asian and Indian culture on the wedding industry as North America becomes more culturally diverse.  At one time, a red wedding gown wasn't something to be found in a typical bridal gown boutique, but today they are commonly featured in many designer bridal collections.  In the Asian and Indian culture, the traditional colour of the bridal gown is red, not white as we classically have seen in North America.  We are seeing many Indian brides become more diverse themselves as they gravite towards other colors than traditional ones.  They too want to stand out as the woman of the day, much like the western bride who stands out in white.      

Paris Hilton in Dubai~ Wedding Tiara Ideas

In June of 2009 Paris Hilton showed off a glamorous Indian inspired look while filming for her BFF (Best Friend Forever) show in Dubai. 

The most preferred Indian attire in weddings is the Ghagra choli which is also known as Lehenga choli and chaniya choli.  The Ghagra-choli consists of a slightly less elaborate skirt and a short blouse.   These gowns are quite sexy, and are accompanied by a decorated veil known as a Dupatta, Chunni or Chunari which functions as a headscarf and stole.   Bridal Lehengas are ornate maxi skirts which are paired with adorned  embroidered tops.   Shararas are full length divided maxi skirts, very adorned and embellished.  Still one of the most popular Indian wedding attire is the classic Sari.  Victoria Beckham appeared on the November issue of Vogue back in 2008 with a classic traditional wedding Saree.   Saris are one style that have an elongating effect which can make a person instantly 10 pounds lighter.   Wedding Saris are often made of silk and feature very intricate detail and bead work.

Saris come in one uniform length, but often involve a very complex pinning and folding process that many women go to formal parlors to have their sari's fitted properly.  The blouse is the only part of the garment which is by size, and still allows some flexibility.  Some women choose to wear it to be skin tight, while others choose to be more conservative.   

Victoria Beckham In Vogue India ~ Wedding Tiara

Elizabeth Hurley's Indian Wedding Headpiece

Elizabeth Hurley's Indian Wedding Headpiece

Indian Bollywood Kundan Diamantes Bridal Necklace From BestdealsonClick

This necklace can be worn on its own, or split up into a choker necklace, or a set of earrings, and a pendant necklace. 

Elizabeth Hurley's British Wedding Gown, Wedding Headpiece Tiara Ideas

Indian Wedding Headpiece ~ Wedding Bridal Tiara Ideas

Indian Wedding Headpiece ~ Wedding Bridal Tiara Ideas

Indian Wedding Headpiece ~ Wedding Bridal Tiara Ideas

 Indian wedding dresses are often very colourful, while being extremely beautiful with complex and intricate patterns.  The threading and beadwork is elaborate and quite stunning that the overall bridal look is that of royalty.   Most Indian brides prefer to wear Gold as it symbolises both wealth and prosperity, compared to the North American Bride who considers silver the ideal choice.   I find many brides in North America don't like to go outside their comfort zone and go for a VOGUE high end look, as they would rather stick to something pretty common and typical. 

Over the many years of selling bridal gowns, rarely did have a bride want to incorporate color, partly due to the fact that many of them weren't versed in the high end designer looks on the runways.   Gold tiaras actually look better in blonde hair than silver, while silver looks dynamite in darker hair, but gold looks just as fabulous. 

Indian wedding jewelry is often very elaborate and often has vivid and striking gems which are combined in ornate styles.  Living in Calgary, Alberta at the time, I bought an Indian wedding necklace for myself and tweaked it to suit my style for my wedding gown.  I had only a few weeks to find a gown, and accessories, but would have loved to incorporate some of the Indian jewelry on my wedding gown if I had more time.  The beauty of Indian jewelry sets, is they often come with a LOT of jewelry, which you can double as cuff bracelets, and have enough to wear in your hair, and around your neck. 

Often times, it is HARD to find an elaborate necklace grand enough for a wedding outfitthat has more to it than just white crytals and silver embelishments.  Indian jewelry on the other hand features beautiful color combinations which can be combined with a white wedding gown fabulously. 

Matha-patti, (the indian word for head piece), also known as shinghar-patti, are quite elaborate.  Matha patti are quite heavy,but can be customized to be worn as a bridal necklace or customized for hair and pinned into place.  There is a variety of ways a bride can incorporate these pieces into her wardrobe.   

Jewelry also doesn't have to be focused around the face, but can be worn at the back of the hair to balance the overall jewelry.  Combine a heavy necklace and the rest of the heavy jewelry around an elaborate bun at the back of the head. 

Indian jewelry can also be sewn on to a lace veil and worn much like a cloak around the face for the wedding ceremony than the traditional tulle veil.  Wear the additional matching accessories at the wedding supper instead of all at once.  An elaborate wedding necklace can be the perfect combination with a strapless gown.   A tradtional jhoomar is also a classic Indian look and looks quite regal pinned into the hair.   

Indian jewelry can bring some unique colors into a plain white wedding gown, and can be a memorable wedding look that can make you look very cutting edge than the common bridal look that has been seen over and over. 

Indian Wedding Headpieces

"I love the way they dress here. I’m excited to try the new fashions. I look forward to wearing what they wear in Dubai. Women here are so beautiful. I love the culture in Dubai,” the celeb said madding that culture in Dubai was “much classier than Las Vegas.”- Paris Hilton

Indian Wedding Looks

This Beautiful Bridal picture is from Marriages in India

Elizabeth Hurley's Wedding Headpiece

Indian Wedding Looks

This Bridal Picture is from Woman Oxone  Look at the flower in her hair, and combined with jewels, makes the perfect wedding combination. 

Indian Bridal Headpiece From Aaina Bridal

This stunning Bridal Picture is From Aaina Bridal.  It shows how draped Jewelry in the hair is just a stunning bridal look.

This Picture was taken from Pak Links Wedding Forum


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