Elizabeth Taylor’s Wedding Tiara

Elizabeth Taylor has always been known for her beauty, her seven marriages, and her obsession with stunning  jewelry.  Elizabeth Taylor wore the world's premier jewelers such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Harry Winston, Bulgari, and Schlumberger.  Some of her most famous jewels were given to her by her previous husbands Mike Todd and Richard Burton.  Movie producer Todd presented Elizabeth Taylor with a stunning Belle Epoque diamond necklace, AND diamond girandole earrings.  Todd also gave to her a beautiful diamond tiara which she wore to the Oscars.  Actor Richard Burton made world headlines when he gave Taylor the famous 33-carat Krupp Diamond ring.  Check out some of Taylor's beautiful hairstyles in which she wears stunning hair jewels.

Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry,  Taylor shows off her dazzling jewlery collection.  C omplementing the gorgeous color photographs is the stories behind each of her pieces.

"I mean, how many young women get a set of rubies just for doing something wholesome like swimming laps? Or win a diamond ring at Ping-Pong with their husband...? Well, I did, and for all of these memories and the people in my life I feel blessed," -Elizabeth Taylor


One of the most interesting stories in Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry, is that of the Shah Jehan Diamond and the La Peregrina pearl.

The large pear-shaped white pearl, which originally weighed 223.8 grains, and was the largest pearl durning these times to be discovered.  It was found in 1513 off the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama by a slave.

The history of the pearl is spectacular:

- King Ferdinand V (1479-1516) first made the pearl  a part of the  Spanish Crown Jewels.  It was then passed to his successor King Charles V (1516-1556).

-Phillip II (1556-1598) gave the pearl to Queen Mary I of England

- After Queen Mary's death in 1558 the pearl was then returned to Spain, where for the next 250 years.

- In 1808, Napoleon Bonaparte captured Spain carried the renowned pearl with him.   The celebrated pearl became known as the "La Peregrina - the Wanderer." Joseph Bonaparte left the pearl to his nephew Charles Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III) who sold it to the 2nd Marques of Abercorn, as a result of financial difficulties.

-  The pearl went to England and then was returned to Spain and remained there for 250 years.  It went to  France and back to England with the Dukes of Abercorn until the year 1969, when it was purchased by Richard Burton for his wife Elizabeth Taylor.  Taylor wore the La Peregrina on many occasions with her former husband  Richard Burton on film and public appearances.


 Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor

September 1967, is the date when Elizabeth wore head piece / dress made of pearls and faux flowers, a jeweled gown, and an emerald necklace.

Taylor wearing the blue gown wears the 69.42-karat Taylor-Burton Diamond.  At that time it was the world's most expensive gem, mounted on a necklace.Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton at the Bal Proust at Guy de Rothschild’s Château FérrièresElizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton at the Bal Proust at Guy de Rothschild’s Château Férrières


In 1969, a 69.42-carat pear-shaped diamond went up for auction with such bidders as Richard Burton, Aristotle Onassis, and a Cartier exec (who eventually won the prize). Angered by defeat, Burton bought the piece the next day for $1.1 million to give to Taylor. The New York Daily Newsreported, "Liz Gets That Peachy Pear," and then thousands flocked to see it at Cartier's New York and Chicago stores, with more than 6,000 viewers daily. It became known as the Taylor-Burton diamond, and she wore it as a ring, eventually having it converted into a necklace. She is seen here wearing it on a choker in a 1972 photograph by Cecil Beaton.

Elizabeth Taylor The Queen and I by Gianni Bozzacchi

 Elizabeth Taylor: The Queen and I


Check out Elizabeths Headpiece at a gala performance at the opera house Rome Italy 28th March 1966

The most beautiful Tiara and hairstyle - Elizabeth at a gala performance of Lawrence of Arabian Paris France 1963

Lawrence of Arabia

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton - Lawrence of Arabia

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton & Ethel Kkennedy

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor is also very famous for the many times she has been married.  Here is a list of her previous husbands:

Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (May 6, 1950 - January 29, 1951) - Divorced
Michael Wilding (February 21, 1952 - January 26, 1957) Divorced
Michael Todd (February 2, 1957 - March 22, 1958) Widowed
Eddie Fisher (May 12, 1959 - March 6, 1964) Divorced
Richard Burton (March 15, 1964 - June 26, 1974) Divorced
Richard Burton (again) (October 10, 1975 - July 29, 1976) Divorced
John Warner (December 4, 1976 - November 7, 1982) Divorced
Larry Fortensky (October 6, 1991 - October 31, 1996) Divorced


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    Hi Theweddingtiara,
    I know what you mean, Yesteryear’s magnificent actress Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born on February 27th, 1932, in Hampstead, London. Her mom and dad ended up American artwork dealers residing in England. She started out her acting vocation at a tremendously younger age of 10. She was noted to be a larger-than-living-superstar, her Hollywood way of life and also a lot of marriages. She won the Academy Award Greatest Actress in a top rated function for her performances in Butterfly eight (1960) and Who’s reluctant of Virginia Woolf? (1969). She was the greatest compensated motion picture star in 1963 wherever she recognized one million dollars for her position in Cleopatra.
    All the Best