How To Get The Bohemian Bridal Looks Part 1

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Many brides are looking for a new fresh look for their wedding appearance, but find the traditional bride with the formal up-dos and diamond tiaras are just not fitting with their personality.  Your wedding day is a celebration of the commitment between you and your life partner.  Not every girl dreams of looking like Miss America on their wedding day.  Rest assured, there are dozens of bridal looks you can go for than the traditional look.  If you are more of a modern sort of gal, let me introduce to you a trend that is hot and sexy, while at the same time classy for your special day.

In the early 21st century, a new fashion emerged called "boho chic".  The style drew upon various bohemian and hippie influences. Actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss in the United Kingdom were known to fuel this trend, along with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the United States. This trend had been going on since late 2000 and continues to be popular.

We give you 10 tips to successfully pulling off this look......

1. Natural Face, Natural Beauty

The bohemian looks are about looking natural.

If you have flawless skin, your among %1 of the American women out there. Congratulations! We all know magazines are touched up, and the majority of us look washed out without some sort of concealer, foundation or power applied to their skin.

Here are a couple tips to making your skin look flawless for your wedding day.

A. Moisturize

Make sure your skin is moisturized before you apply foundation. If you don't apply some sort of moisturizer, your make up will look flaky through out the rest of the day. Try out a number of moisturizers under your foundation to see which works the best. Some moisturizers can make your skin look greasy, and adding extra power will just make it look cakey.

B- Use The Professional Concealers

Color concealer works miracles when it comes to making red blemishes disappear. The idea is to use these concealers sparingly. Apply on the skin with a soft brush, and let it dry before adding your foundation. For small blue veins, use a peach/orange colored concealer to neutralize it first. For a red complexion, use a green tinted primer. These colored concealers work by covering up dark circles, acne, and veins, allowing you to use less foundation, so your skin looks more like skin, and less like cake layers.

C.  Add Definition To Your Face.

Playing up your natural features is an art to some celebrities.  Kim Kardashian's make up artists seem to do the very best job when it comes to contouring make-up.

Kim uploaded some pictures on Instagram of the contouring process her Make-up Artist Scott Barnes takes when applying her make-up.   Study some of Kim's photos under google to get an idea where to shade, while at the same time, keeping it very natural.  I have found to use the bright white power sparingly.  I tend to have my foundation set, and power set before I start shading.  A little goes a long way.

Here are some kits worth looking at:

6 Color Contour Face Powder Makeup Blusher Palette

Vktech Fashion Cosmetic Blush Powder Contour Makeup

L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow Duos Sand Dune- Many beautiful combinations

Contouring make-up is basically highlighting the areas of your face, so they are more visible and defined.   When I used to be involved in swimsuit pageants, I would shade in muscles along my abs with a powdered bronzer (without shine), to make them appear more prominent, but at the same time natural.  These tricks work every time!

Add a bit of definition under your brow to add a natural highlight.  In the past I have used Loreal's Morning Light.  Shade in the sides of your nose to give a thinner appearance.  Shade under your eyes, using a creamier white, something without shine.  Shade under your cheek color with a creamy white shade to give your cheeks more definition.  Blend, blend, blend.... and your natural look, will still be natural, but so much more glamorous!

D- Where To Add Color

Bohemian looks are simple, yet at the same time, also define the natural attributes of a women's face, such as her lips, her eyes, and brows.  Think about flushed peach or pink  for your cheek colors, and glossy lips.

Consider using Covergirls- Outlast Lip Cover that comes with a gloss.  I use this product, and often wipe off the lip stain, so the lip color isn't as prominent, and leave my lips bare.  I find the Outlast lip stain, generally lasts all day long, compared to other stains which are gone within the hour.  Lighter colors are generally more youthful than darker appearances.  Lighter looks better no matter how old you are.  To add even more definition, consider picking up a very natural colored lip liner, close to your skin color, and line your lips before adding the top color.  You can even go outside your natural lips lines slightly to add a fuller appearance.

Your eye colors can be as dark or as light as you want them with a neutral lip.  You could go for a heavy natural eye, or as simple as you would like it.  With either look, consider applying a set of natural false lashes on your wedding to give a more intense lash line.  Avoid black lengthening  mascaras, but rather stick to brown and softer shades.   Use a lash curler to set prominence to your beautiful lashes.

Add a touch of definition to the arch of the brows, paying up your natural attributes as best as you can.  Consider having your brows professionally shaped, and define them more on your wedding day.  Add whiter shading under the brow, on the eye lid, and use a bit of a darker color to color in the crease.  Revlon's Just Nudes, or Seashell are great ways of adding dimension for the eye.  This crease color looks natural, and at the same time, adds so much attention to your natural beautiful eyes.  Cream eye shadow tends to do the trick for adding a shade to the area of the skin that folds when your eyes are open.

 Elite Model Camille Neviere

Defined Eyebrows - African American Make-up- From My Black Is Beautiful

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