How To Get The Boho Bridal Looks Part 2

Costume Headpiece By Shae Acopian Detar

Nicole Richie is in love with the bohemian looks.   She masters the look in every way, - from the hair, accessories, clothing and shoes.  Consider studying some of her hair and make-up looks from her celebrity appearances to get ideas for your own wedding.

1.  Go Natural With Flowers In Your Hair

Flowers never go out of style, and when could you actually get away with a stunning arrangement on your head other than your wedding day?

Scroll through the dozens of pictures on pinterest, and pick out the colors and arrangements that appeal to your overall taste and desires for your headpiece.  Depending on the size of your arrangement, consider starting off with a metal frame that will sit comfortably on your head.  Look through your department stores, where hair accessories normally would be found, and pick up a headband which you can build upon.  Faux wide tortoise headbands may be more comfortable and give you the needed space to build upon, than your typical skinny headband.

Today you can purchase faux flowers that look just as sensational as real flowers.  With a bit of hot glue and a great band, making a floral headpiece with a variety of flowers is a project that a mother and daughter can work on together.

2.  Think About An Adorned Lace Cap

This bride has got a sensational example of this look.  An adorned cap which fits over her head, with the tulle veil attached at the back.  Although this picture is unfocused, you can see her bridal cap is adorned with pearls in circular patterns.  Look on ebay under the terms "lace cloche", "Embroidered tulle"

Keep a close eye on ebay, as these vintage styles come up quite often.  Looking under the right category such as vintage accessories, or womens hats, you will find what you are looking for.  Here is a cap listed under "Vintage Antique Belgium Tape Lace Boudior Wedding Bridal Cap Bonnet" that could be altered quite nicely.

How Nicole Richie Chooses Her Daring Fashion Star Outfits

Nicole Richie - Fashion Star

3.  Think About Jewelry Draped Across Your Forehead

There are dozens of looks in this category.  Chain headpieces can be dressed up by adding crystals, pearls, or white beads with silver jump rings.  This ebay seller markets a lace headband, which can be improved with beaded appliques.  On ebay you can often find sellers who mass produce detailed brooches which can be attached on to a headband.  Look under the terms "wholesale wedding brooch".  If you can find identical pieces, you can make your own headpiece, which you can wear across your forehead, on top of the hair or made in such a way to resemble the chain headpieces, except made out of brooches.

4.  Use Braids As Your Headpiece Jewelry

Braids always have looked ornate that it remains to be a very popular bridal style.  Create a full look by adding braided hair extensions that match your hair color.  You will need to purchase the extensions in advance and visit your hair stylist a week in advance to get your color matched up with the extensions.  Ideally, buy extensions that have been highlighted with a few colors.  Shades of blonde, look more realistic than one straight color seen on dolls.  On the final day, your hair stylist can assemble your hairstyle around the added extensions.

5. Alter The Typical Traditional Veil

If you love the idea of simplicity, but at the same time enjoy the filler looks, consider shaping a traditional veil.  This bride gets it right.  Consider buying several yards of tulle at your local fabric store.  Start with a  thick piece of white elastic, and sew both ends together, which is comfortable enough to sit on the brides head.  You want the elastic snug, but not stretching. For a longer veils such as the bride in the picture, position the tulle in the center of the bolt, (perhaps 6 feet on both sides) on top of the brides head.  With the elastic in place, start positioning the tulle how you would like it to look and hand sew it in place.  Taking the veil off the brides head, finish hand stitching it.  Cover the elastic with beaded appliques, or white lace.  Round off the edges of the train, and add lace trim to the edging.

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