Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Tiara Headpiece

Many people claim Kim Kardashian is one of the most beautiful women in the world.  She is known for her striking facial features and her stunning smokey eyes.  Her wedding sparked lots of interest, primarily from all the disappointed men; being that she had been finally been taken off the market!  Kim made some terrific wedding attire choices, and doted NOT ONE look but THREE wedding dresses!!  All three of Kim's dresses were  couture wedding dresses, and she wore over $ 15 million worth of diamonds.  Kim and husband, NBA star Kris Humphries, were featured in  PEOPLE, with 11 pages dedicated to exclusive photos, interviews, and lovely details of her big day.  The most unique look of all her wedding looks was the first look she choose to walk down the isle.  Later in her wedding, she let her hair down and changed her gown.  The first look reminded me of Cleopatra, and also had some Indian elements which must have inspired her in the design of this amazing wedding headpiece.

E Online featured some fantastic pictures on their website, showing some great glimpses into the wedding ceremony and party.  Check out the picture below that shows a very clear  view of how the headpiece is put together.

In the front of the headpiece, you see a string of round diamonds that connects 5 round diamonds that hang vertically and graduate across her forehead.

The middle diamond is the largest and they taper in size as they go out from the middle diamond.

A pendant connects the middle section of diamonds at the edge of her hair line, and also connects the row of diamonds that hold the headpiece on her head, which also extends to the back of her hair.

Kim chooses a very simple yet large diamond for her ears. The design is very simple and doesn't feature any sort of pattern.   In fact, the very design was Oprah's favorite.  A pear and round diamond paired together.

With so many diamonds going on, the look is very balanced.

Bling Jewelry Silver Tone Vintage Pear Oval Diamond CZ Bridal Earrings

The look is very simple, but extremely extravagant.

She wanted to stand out and be a different bride, and she she accomplished that!

Over the past few days, I have been searching Amazon for a look just like Kims, but with no success, so I have come up with some necklaces that will give you the same look as Kim's with some alterations.  Below are some of my best picks:

E Online gives a glimpse into Kims Makeup being done. Here you can see the draped headpiece Kim choose.

Cleopatra must have been Kim's inspiration for her wedding look.  Her hair seems to be tied back into a large over-sized knot.  Certainly hair extensions would need to be used to achieve this look.

Remy Human Hair clips are great choices to extra fuller hair.  They are relatively inexpensive, and clip in within a couple minutes.  Wear it before your wedding day to get Kim's volumed look she is known for.

Remy 100% Human Hair Clip -Medium Dark Brown

16 inch Remy Human Hair Brown Blonde

12" Remy 100% Human Hair Chestnut Brown

24 inch Medium Brown Human Hair Remy Hair!

If you search on Amazon and Ebay, Remy Hair has a wide variety of Human Hair extensions that will not look artificial in your hair.  In my experience, the synthetic hair often looks very fake, so choosing something that is human, will allow you to wear it on a variety of occasions without someone spotting additonal hair that is not yours, because it is REAL hair.  Adding the extra volume will go a long way.

Kim is also known for her extravagant eyes.  Adding some fake eye lashes onto your lashes on your big day will go a LONG way.  I have used Ardell in the past for my fake lashes.  If you use a lash that isn't so voluminous, it allows you to build up your mascara giving it a more natural appearance.  Before applying your fake eyelashes, it is very important that you first curl your own lashes.  A heated eyelash curler will give you the bigger impact in less time.  By curling your lashes before adding the fake eyelashes you will get a better impact and a more natural look.  If you leave your natural lashes alone without curling them, you will be able to spot the difference as you apply mascara.  The fake ones will be slightly curled, while your own natural ones will appear less curved.  Matching up both the natural and the fake in the same curved pattern will gives a better look.

I have worn lashes only on the special occasion, it does go a long way to building up that dramatic eye.

Practicing with a smoky eyeshadow before your wedding will give you a better indication of what you want for your wedding day.  Nothing is more dramatic than a beautiful set of eyes.  You will thank yourself later in pictures!

Practicing with the make-up will enable you to decide if more or less is more appropriate for your wedding day.  Going a little bit more dramatic with your make-up for your reception is handy when you know how to do it, and your makeup artist has gone home for the day.

There are a number of great smoky eye kits out there, and a variety of colors to play around with.  I particularly like the Sephora Collection of eye shadows, as they combine a lot of natural colors that you can build up on the eye, and two really nice gray and black colors.  They also sell a toned down version of the shadow which features some brown shades which you may opt for if you want to get the same effect with natural colors.

My Favorite Colorstay Products

If you have never tried Revlon's Colorstay line, I would highly recommend it.  The eyeshadow's are particularly great.  I use their green selection as my eyeliner, and apply it with an eye liner brush.  The best thing about their line is their colors stay on ALL DAY long!  You don't need to apply it again.  The last thing you want is to pay for a wonderful makeup job that wears off half way through the day.  I would recommend trying this line before your wedding.  Try the different colors to see which ones you enjoy the most.

Here is a simple diagram of the eye shadow colors in their line.  I particularly like the Copper Spice, The Coffee Bean and the Neutral Khakis for the green because I have green eyes.  Pick up a few of the colors and try out which ones work best, experimenting before your big day.  Your fiance may like the new look after your wedding day, because the make up is yours to keep.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation- YES! Mineral Foundation!  Be sure to buy the pressed powder to set your foundation.

Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eye Shadow Quad, Copper Spice

Revlon ColorStay Makeup (Pack of 2)

Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow Neutral Khakis 315 (2-pack)

Revlon Colorstay Eye Shadow Quad

Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow, Coffee Bean)

One way to balance a heavy eye is to work with more of a natural lip.  Choosing a pink, coral or nude lip can go a long way with a dramatic eye.  Revlon also has a color stay lip color that dries quickly and lasts 12 hours, no matter who you kiss or what you drink, IT DOESN'T COME OFF!  You don't want to re-apply your make up through the night, so this is a product you should consider for your wedding.

I have loved the product Revlon has for their lipstick called Colorstay Overtime.  It comes with the lip color, as well as a gloss.  I haven't used the gloss, because the color goes on and stays matte.  If you like the look of a stained lip, this product is for you.  In the past I have purchased the Timeless NudeBare Maximum, and Constantly Coral.  The Timeless Nude is a great choice, because as you apply it, you can add in some of your favorite lipstick color while it is still wet, or after.  If you apply it after, the Revlon product serves as a base to your lipstick.  Also, you can blot off most of the color if you want a stained look, and the look will last you all day long.  Constantly Coral has been my color for years, because I love the way peach can give you a youthful appearance and brighten up the face.You can see her very voluptuousness lashes, sculpted eyebrows, and nude lip, and all those diamonds!!

Again, it has been hard for me to locate a headpiece identical to Kim's, so I have listed some necklaces below that would be good candidates for this look.  With a few alterations, and some extra pieces, this look can be yours!!

How To Alter Any Of These Necklaces:

I used to create Tiaras as a hobby, so here is what I would use to alter these necklaces....

1.  You will need a package of Jump Rings in Silver. These would connect any additional pieces.  You will need to open and close them with pliers.  Oval Jump Rings may sit better on the forehead than round ones.  Consider buying both sizes to see which one is less noticeable after the alteration.

2.  A good set hobby pliers is perfect for a job such as this, as it includes 5 essential pliers for any jewelry making.

For the extra crystal components to the necklace:

Here are my top picks:

1.  Sterling Silver Set Cubic Zirconia 6mm Round Drop Beads "Crystal" (2)

2. Sterling Silver Bezel-Set Cubic Zirconia Stones with Closed Rings(Pair)6mm Round Stones

3. Bezel-Set Cubic Zirconia Stones Pair 4mm Round Stones

4. Bezel-Set Cubic Zirconia Stones Pair)6mm Princess Cut Stones

5. Bezel-Set Cubic Zirconia Stones(Pair)6mm Round Stones

6. Bezel-Set Cubic Zirconia Stones (Pair)4x6mm Pear-Shaped Stones

Cubic Zirconia connectors are hard to find.  You can see the beautiful pendant on each side of Kim's hairline which distinguishes this headpiece from a necklace.  This part of the headpiece is very important, because it shows itself to be a piece of jewelry specifically made for the hair than for the neck. Sometimes you can find two brooches that can be set into this headpiece, or a connector that will meld the two pieces together.    The Jolee's Jewels Banana Leaf AB Connectors is the best one I could find on Amazon.  Ebay may have a few more with some searches.  The other connector I would suggest is the Rhodium Plated Connector Setting For Swarovski 12mm Rivoli.  I couldn't say if the slightly pointed rhinestone would be comfortable along the head.  It is worth giving it a try, as the setting is quite lovely!!  This stone would be the ideal crystal to pair with any of the necklaces with this setting. Additionally, the Bezel Pendant Setting can be used in the front of the headpiece.

Cubic Zirconia Rhinestone Drop

Any of the previous Bezel set stones can be simply attached to a pendant of your choosing.  After seeing how easy it is to attach jewelry using jump rings and plyers, you can hook up many sorts of jewelry.   My only suggestion is that you stay within the style of the original necklace, otherwise it is obvious that it is homemade. 

Another idea is to simply buy a pendant for both sides of your head and hook two rhinestone connectors in the loop area of the pendant.  Bling sells a stunning pear pendant.  Try finding a pendant that is not overly heavy for both sides. 

Here is an option- Bridal Jewelry, Cubic Zirconia Stone Drop Earrings -Get rid of the top of the earring in this earring, and there is your connector, two simple stones.

Again, another set of earrings that has connectors- Bridal Earrings, Silver Plated with CZ Rhinestone Drops It is a little bit pricey, but you can always end up shortening this set down and still wear the earrings on another occasion. The princess stones would be nice on the side of the head.

As you can see there are all sorts of variations.  Customize your headpiece to what you really love!  It is a fun process!

Here are some other NON-Crystal connections:

Silver Plated Strand Reducer Connector Set of 2

Jolee's Jewels Crystal Antique Flower Connectors

Jolee's Jewels Crystal Rings Connector

Vintaj Natural Brass Love Birds Connector Link 1 Piece

Nouveau Connector Link 1 Piece

Silver CZ Necklace Set

Second Glance Fashions carries a lovely simple Cubic Zirconia necklace that almost looks identical to Kims headpiece. This necklace set would almost be the easiest to manipulate. Exchange out some of the drop sections for larger drop stones. The nice thing about this necklace is everything is evenly spaced out for you that it would be an easy project with this particular necklace. The necklace set, which includes earrings costs $115. This necklace comes with a lot of rhinestones already in place for the perfect headpiece. Use the extra pieces that were removed for a nice matching bracelet, or additional details on your handbag. This necklace set is very simple. If you are after something almost identical to Kim's, I would say this necklace would be the ideal choice. The necklace features lots of sparkle, but the overall design is very simple. Pair it with an earring like Kim's. Something with a round stone with a drop pear. This look is very rich!

Couture Collection Silver Cubic Zirconium CZ Rhinestone Bridal Necklace and Earrings set

This necklace set is a great choice if you are looking to put together a look like Kims.  If you look at this identical necklace sold by Emitations, you will see the necklace has room to add additional cubic zirconias.  You also can see how small the stones are compared to the model below.

Miss Jane's Pear Drop CZ Necklace

Emitations's Pear Drop Necklace

Indian Headpiece Tiara Ideas

Second Glance Fashions also has another stunning necklace with a bit more detail to it.  It is also very evenly spaced allowing some extra drop cubic zirconias to be added with ease to this necklace.   In fact, with this necklace, you can either leave the pearl drops or remove the pearl drops and add some pear stones on the existing mount.

If you like this design, order it first, and see what you have to work with before ordering the extra stones for the center portion of your headpiece.  This piece is quite delicate and could be extremely beautiful as a headpiece.  The Bezel-Set Cubic Zirconia Stones (Pair)4x6mm Pear-Shaped Stones could be nice stones for the middle section of the headpiece.

My second suggestion is the Gold Clear Crystal Ivory Pearl Necklace Earring Set. You can see how whimsical this piece could be draped across the forehead. You can do lots of curls with this piece, or a Bohemian loose curl look. This necklace could be used with Jolee's Jewels Crystal Antique Flower Connectors on the sides for a beautiful cohesive effect. This set sells for only $38 dollars, and an extra set could be ordered to make a bracelet.

Whimsical Flowers For A Headpiece

Pair this set with the 1928 Bridal Amore Dazzling Sun Button Earrings, and exchange out the middle stone with a pearl. I also cannot help to notice that USA Bride has a wonderful necklace set that almost matches this set, which you may like as well.

We hope that we gave you some great ideas to re-creating  Kim Kardashian's Wedding Headpiece!  Huge Blessings!  Meranda

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