Paris Hilton And Her Headband Necklace Tiaras

Socalite Paris Hilton; heiress to the Hilton fortune is known for setting Hollywood's fashion trends with her dramatic jewelry choices and ever changing outfits.   Paris usually lands on top of the leading fashion magazines as she is not afraid to reinvent herself and take a couple risks to pull out ahead of Hollywood's elite.  Shunned often, and praised for her choices, she makes it in the pages of the most leading fashion magazines.  Her self confidence and great fashion sense has made her well known outside the US to areas such as Russia and China.  Celebrities have the money to spend on luxuries the common women cannot afford, and in doing so influence the trends of the season.  Reviving this classic headband has to be credited to Paris Hilton, as we have seen her wear so many varieties of this look for a number of years before other celebrities followed suit.  The trend has caught on with other well known actresses such as Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Ashley Simpson and Ashley Olsen amongst others who have duplicated the hot look.  Though we must ask the question....  Is this a new look or something we have seen before?

We all know fashion tends to run in circles over time, and this look certainly isn't new.   It dates back to the Grecian and Roman women who before the 5th century women's hair fell over the shoulders, but it was often fastened by a headband or diadem.  Then after the fifth century BC a number of other possibilities opened up such as buns, headbands, scarves, and hair covers.  For the most part hair was very functional for most women although quite ornate.

Hair accessories in those times were apart of any Greek woman's beauty regimen, much like the modern woman and make up. Although they put their hair up in buns, braided sweeping styles, there still was a focus on decorating the hair with accessories such as pins and ornaments.   A rich Grecian woman would have a diadem or crown, which was often a metal circle embellished with precious metals and jewels that rested on her head, while holding her hair away from her face. Many diadems were hammered into the shapes of leaves of flowers.  The crown or diadem would function as a head band that would keep her hair in place while being beautiful at the same time.  Hair ornaments at that time ranged from metal, wood, and bone to jeweled combs that were meant to adorn a hairstyle or complement a crown or diadem.  Enough was never enough!

Women also used the ornate beauty of braids which were positioned close to frame the face, but also acted much like a curling iron does for the modern woman.  If you ever have taken apart a french braid, the most beautiful waves are created from the hair being bent back and forth.   The most famous pictures of Grecian women are those which feature the loose waves pinned into place with diadems.  Women would also braid and wrap beautiful materials in their hair to create an ornate rich look.  Just like today the complexity of the hair style would depend on the occasion.  On a normal day a practical wood clip would hold the hair in place, and perhaps a few flowers added for detail, compared to special occasions where the fancy jewelry came out and was worn in the hair.  Just like today, some women put more thought into their hair, while others keep it natural except for special occasions.   Headbands worn across the forehead became popular with a group of  lovers of peace in San Francisco during the 1960’s.  Today we see  this emergence of headbands again, worn across the fore head or in the hair.

1970's Bride STILL IN STYLE! You would never know if it wasn't the Gown Picture From Ruffled Blog

Paris Hilton who regularly works the crowd is often spotted wearing over-the-top jewels.  in 2009, she arrived at the 62 Cannes Film Festivalin 2009 wearing a mesh head band with countless jewels which were fashioned much after Edwardian or Art Deco stylings.  Taylor Swift was also seen wearing a beautiful jeweled head band at the 44thannual Academy Of Country Music Awards in April of 2009.  Countless other celebrities like Mischa Barton have made this an elegant way of adding accessories other than around the neck and wrist.

Paris commands the red carpet where ever she goes.  It seems as though she takes advantage of that glamorized presence of an old Hollywood actress.  She tells in her book "Confessions of A Heiress" that every woman (especially a bride) needs to develop a way of entering a room that looks royal and regal without being snobby.  She suggests that every woman should learn how to pose in an onslaught of flashing lights without blinking.   The secret to her successful pictures is she knows her best angle.  She suggests to study your pictures and learn your body and face how to work the best poses.

She also suggests to not wear a dress that is in all the magazines.  She encourages women to have the confidence to develop their own style.  She suggests to wear the unusual dress that no one else has the nerve to wear. Dare to be different; to wear color and prints, she says.   "Do you ever see a girl in a magazine wearing black? I don't think so. Don't run out and buy the bag of the moment or the dress of the moment. I like expensive things, but I like cheap things, too"

Paris Hilton 62nd Cannes Film Festival May 19, 2009 in Cannes, France. Photo by John Shearer

Paris HiltonsLOOK A Like Bridal Ribbon Tiara Headband

The Most Perfect Tiara Headband

Bridal Ribbon Headband with Rhinestone

Paris Hilton 62nd Cannes Film Festival May 19, 2009 in Cannes, France. Photo by John Shearer

Paris Hilton 62nd Cannes Film Festival May 19, 2009 in Cannes, France. Photo by John Shearer

This Rhinestone Floral Choker Could BE EASILY sewn on to a toole band for a look much like Paris Hiltons High endHeadband Jewels only 99 dollars!

This headband would be perfect sewn onto a mesh or a tooleheadband which would almost dissapear in the hair.  Only 99 dollars!!

Silver Rhinestone Headband Tiara

62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 21, 2009 in Antibes, France Photo by Francois Durand

Taylor Swift and Paris Hiltons Headband Bridal Tiara Headband with Vintage Rhinestone

Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton Ribbon Jeweled Bridal Tiara Headband with Vintage Rhinestone

62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 21, 2009 in Antibes, France Photo by Francois Durand

Simple Two Tier Bridal Veil

Build Your Own Tiara With Brooches

Taylor Swift - Academy Of Country Music Awards' Artist of the Decade Concert Photographer Ethan Miller

Jacqueline Kennedy Art Nouveau Crystal Brooch, Flower Brooch, Rose Crystal Brooch, Tiffany Inspired Snowflake Brooch, Freshwater Cultured Pearl Brooch,, Katie Holmes Wedding Necklace

Taylor Swift at the 44thannual Academy Of Country Music Awards' Artist of the Decade held at the MGM Grand on April 6, 2009 in Las Vegas

Beautiful Crochet Headband WIth Stones~ BEAUTIFUL!!!

Check out this outstanding crochet stone headband by Free PeopleStone Crochet Headband.  It would be dynamite to match up the crochet with the brides haircolor.  In this case, dark brown, or metallic material.  Either way, cheers to Free People!  What a beautiful head piece

Headband Necklace Tiaras

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