The 101 on Bridal Jewelry

Cara Delevingne Wears the Crown for Vogue Australia’s October 2013 Cover

The perfect set of jewelry would be that which completes an ensemble, rather than take center stage and grab all the attention for itself – unless, of course, the main feature is the jewelry itself. But for weddings, the […]

The Tiaras of The Romanovs Family & Court

The Romanovs ruled Russia from 1613 up to 1917, when the Revolution brought their reign to an abrupt end. The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were a time of particular extravagance for the tsars and wealthy families. Jewels of the Romanovs Family & Court gives us a peek into this family and their beautiful […]

Carrie Underwood’s 40 Carat Diamond Wedding Tiara

Carrie Underwood was the latest celebrity to be wearing a stately diamond wedding tiara for her wedding. In fact, the 40 carat tiara was a gift from her husband Mike. What a magnificent gift!The American Idol winner married NHL hockey player Mike Fischer at the Ritz Carlton in Greensboro, Georgia, on July 10, and walked […]

Christina Garcia Wedding Tiaras

Christina Garcia is highly regarded as an upscale bridal accessory house in the United States. Christina Garcia’s ornate headpiece tiara designs have gained attention from many of the leading bridal magazines, particularly their ‘Headpiece Convertible Line’ which tiaras transfer into Spanish combs, necklace and broochs. These beautiful wedding tiaras can be worn at the […]