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The 101 on Bridal Jewelry

Cara Delevingne Wears the Crown for Vogue Australia’s October 2013 Cover

The perfect set of jewelry would be that which completes an ensemble, rather than take center stage and grab all the attention for itself – unless, of course, the main feature is the jewelry itself. But for weddings, the […]

20+ Breathtaking Tiaras And Crowns To Beautiful To Ignore

Primrose Tiara, owned by the Earls of Rosebery. Designed around leaves, and small daisies. The Tiara dates from the 1830’s

Tiaras have always been considered to be luxurious to wear. Crowns, and tiaras have evolved through the centuries from the simple satin ribbon to featuring an array of diamonds and jewels worth […]

The Most Valuable Tiaras In The World

Who Says You Cannot Wear A Tiara In The Bathtub? – Here shown Princess Margaret of England

For many centuries, tiaras have been linked to a royal lineage. They are usually only worn during special occasions, such as a coronation or a holiday. One of the reasons they are not worn more often […]