Wedding Headpieces By Jenny Packham

Photo: Bèla Adler & Salvador Fresneda

Look through some of the most beautiful headpieces by Jenny Packham.

If you are looking for something heavy, perhaps not your typical tiara, look though her collection for heavy stones, colored jewels and period styles. […]

Wedding Jewelry Looks For Less With Ever Faith

Every once in a while I come across a great jewelry seller on ebay or amazon and I feel like I hit the jackpot. Ever Faith Jewelry produces those high end looks for less. The next time you are looking in your closet, and find yourself wanting to try some new looks, think of putting […]

3 Tips For Shopping For Your Wedding Headpiece Online

Magdalena Frackowiak Stars in Elle Poland’s September Issue

Technology has changed a lot of how we do things. It has affected the way we obtain information; it has added a lot of new words to our expanding vocabulary and most of all it has changed how we spend our […]

A Touch of Floral In Your Wedding Headpiece

Lazaro Weddings

When you think about a wedding tiara, you usually think diamonds or pearls. But a new kind of tiara is becoming big. Far from the cool elegance of diamonds or the smooth whiteness of pearls, flower tiaras and decorative wreathes are becoming popular. There are many different kids that would suit […]