To Insure or Not to Insure Your Diamond Tiara

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Not too many people own a diamond tiara, but if you are one of the privileged few that does, you may really want to consider protecting your diamond tiara by purchasing an insurance policy that will cover it if it is stolen, damaged or destroyed. This is because there is no way to predict in advance when something may happen to your prized possession. This is one of the many reasons why you should have an insurance policy in place that protects your valuable diamond tiara.

Diamonds Are Extremely Pricey and Hard to Replace

One of the main reasons why you want to make certain that you have an insurance policy that covers your prized possession is that diamonds are extremely expensive and quite often irreplaceable. While a tiara in and of itself can be expensive, even without the diamonds, but most people who own diamond tiaras are more concerned about losing the diamonds than the actual tiara. Since diamonds are very pricey and in many cases irreplaceable, it always pays to make certain your diamonds are covered by an insurance policy. By taking the time to secure a policy that will protect against theft, damage, and destruction, you will have the added reassurance of knowing that should anything ever happen to your tiara you will be able to recoup money to cover your loss.

Take Care of Your Valuables When Traveling

If the proper insurance policy is not in place, then you may wind up losing a tremendous amount of money or have to pay to have your damaged diamond tiara repaired. Although these types of scenarios rarely arise, they certainly can. Recently, there was a report of a diamond tiara that belonged to a Duchess that went missing at the airport. Years after reporting the items missing, the Duchess spotted her prized diamond tiara on an auction site. Although it is unclear if the Duchess had her prized possession insured or if the airline replaced her valuables, without an insurance policy that protects against this type of loss it is unlikely that the Duchess recouped the full value of her diamond tiara. This is one reason why you should really consider insuring your diamond tiara.

Most Homeowners and Renters Policies Do Not Cover High-Priced Diamonds

Since many homeowners and renters insurance policies do not cover expensive diamonds or diamond tiaras, this is why it is important to secure additional coverage. Even if you believe your diamond tiara is covered it may not be fully covered. If your tiara is not covered, then you should take the steps to find out what you need to do to make sure your prized possession is covered. In addition, you should also take the steps to make certain that you have a policy in place that protects against theft and loss when traveling with your prized possession.

If you own a diamond tiara, then you should definitely consider getting insurance to cover your prized possession. Even if you currently have an insurance policy that protects your valuables, you still want to make certain that your diamond tiara is fully covered. This is because most homeowners and renter’s insurance policies do not cover high-priced diamonds. By taking the time to do some research, you will be on your way to make certain your valuable diamond tiara is protected against theft, damage and destruction.


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 Victorian Reproduction !!!! 22.50ct Diamond Tiara- From Wedding Jewelery On Ebay $4,991.68

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