Unique 2016 Engagement Rings Trends

A sneak peek at the hottest engagement ring styles you can shop for now

The engagement ring has evolved over many years, although it has always been a symbol of the love between two people. The circle is supposed to represent the eternal bond, with no beginning or end whilst the space in the middle of the ring represents the unwritten future. For a while diamond rings were the only type of engagement ring which was considered genuine. Thankfully, there are now many different styles which you can choose from:

Floral accents

The simple engagement band can be enlivened and personalized by adding flowers and vibe across its service. They can be created with diamonds or the precious gem of your choice. It has a delicate touch of femininity to the ring.

Colorful diamonds

Instead if the clear diamond sat in the middle of your ring you can choose to have a colored diamond or even your preferred precious gem. To add luster to the ring it is possible to have a collection of small diamonds around the edge. Yellow and pink are popular choices although black and chocolate are becoming increasingly popular.

The square band

Rings no longer need to be circular! Surprisingly, square bands can be more comfortable than a circular band, it is less likely to pinch or constrict your blood flow. It will also look fantastic as the diamond or precious stone seems to lift out from it more than in a traditional circular ring.

Mixed metal halos

Go for something special and unique by mixing several colors in one ring. A simple rose gold halo can contrast perfectly against a white gold ring. Blending different types of metal is a new trend that seems to appeal to more and more women eager to make themselves noticed.

Accent stones

If you wish to stick with a semi-traditional ring you may consider having your central diamond accentuated by a colorful stone on each side. Your birthstone is a popular choice that you might want to start considering.


Older, Victorian style rings are flamboyant, often featuring an art deco style which can look fabulous on your wedding finger.  You do not need to find an antique ring to enjoy this, simply purchase one of the modern versions, or design your own!

Rose gold

This type of gold offers a softer, feminine style of ring which can be suited to all skin types and is available in all the same range of styles. It is also a little different for anyone looking to be unique.

Side views

The band of the ring is usually left alone; however, it is becoming increasing popular to draw an intricate design or to have a personal message inscribed.

Three stones

These are symbolic rings, each of the three stones represents the past, present and future; symbolizing the future you will build together with your partner. They are also known as Trinity rings or Trilogy rings.


Signet Rings Designs From My Family Silver

Signet rings

Today’s modern engagement rings come in a wealth of styles and models. The signet ring in particular, has a special allure because it can be easily personalized. Choose a sleek engraving or crest, and your fiancé will love it. Engraving a signet ring is the hottest trend. Have a love message etched on the inside of the band, and show her how much you care for her.

Split shank

Split your band into two as it approaches the main diamond. This will allow additional room for your smaller diamonds or your personal inscription. It can double the effect of the ring whilst creating a unique, architectural feel.

Marquise accent stones

This ring is a relative newcomer to the world of engagement rings and is almost guaranteed to both stand out and be different. It is a weaving of metal bars coming from the main band and each bar supports a marquise cut accent stone. The effect is simply stunning!

Mixed metal prongs

This is a particularly good style for anyone who wishes to have a colorful center stone. The prongs which hold and support the central stone are made in a different color to the rest of the ring. This color can be designed to match the color of your central stone, if required.

Hidden secrets

These may be the finest in romantic yet secretive rings. The rings are generally slightly larger and can be opened; inside you can keep a special message from your partner or your wedding vows!

Are you ready to choose an engagement ring for your fiancé? Make a sensible yet attractive choice and your future bride will feel like the luckiest woman alive.

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