Wedding Necklaces

Heavy wedding necklaces can be a very bold and glamorous look for a bride.  In bridal fashion shows they often feature brides wearing chunky necklaces because it produces a wow effect.  Large necklaces can be a powerful statement showing the bride has confidence in wearing something a little bit more risque than the average bride would be able to wear.  We show you a couple of pointers if you are considering a wearing a large stone necklace...

The first and last thing about wedding jewelry is balance.  Wearing a large necklace can look extremely impressive, so long as you balance it with the gown.  Perhaps your hair can be a little bit larger, and you skip wearing earrings, and consider wearing a larger headpiece at the back of your hair.  Splitting up the weight of the jewelry at both the front and the back can be an effective solution for a bride who wants a heavier necklace.

I think the number one let down I saw over the years is seeing brides pick out extremely small scaled jewelry that you would need an extra pair of glasses to see.  Why not go for one great statement piece on a day where everyone expects it?  One larger piece paired with a smaller piece is always a home run.

Angelia Jolie looked elegant draped in a plunging white satin gown with matching wrap from Marc Bouwer at the 76th Academy Awards in '04.   She wore a H. Stern Athena Diamond Necklace totaling 85 carats divided among oval, emerald, pear and round-cut diamonds of various sizes.

Consider the Neckline of Your Wedding Gown

Necklace Length

Collar bone necklines are some of the most stunning looks I sold over the years.  With these types of gowns, a simple pair of pearls that hugged the neck seemed to be appropriate.  You never want your necklace draped over your gown, or coming down too low where it lies on top of your wedding gown, because it detracts from the look.  V-neck wedding gowns really open up the possibilities for unique and showcasing necklaces.  You could pick a tassel necklace, or something that features a long string of stones.  Consider shortening the necklace, or making a necklace into a choker for strapless gowns.  You simply need a pair of pliers to shorten your set for the perfect length.

The necklace above is a jewelry set featuring silver plated flowers which weave throughout the necklace. The necklace measures 16 1/2 inches long with a 4 inch extension. The ornament measures 3 inches tall, and the earrings fall to 1 3/4 inches.  This necklace can be worn as it is, or be shortened to be a chocker with a pair of pliers. It certainly is a statement piece........

Statement Wedding Necklaces

Swarovski Rhinestone Bridal Necklace From Delicate Spirits ($38), Phosphorus Fashion Necklace.

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