What A Wedding Tiara Says About A Bride

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What do Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Kate Middleton have in common? They all wore tiaras to their weddings. Tiaras are a prerequisite to every princess, fairytale or real. They are also a must-have for every bride who wants to feel like royalty on their wedding.

Tiaras symbolize beauty, and elegance. More importantly, they help brides express their personal styles. They come in all shapes and styles. They are also adorned by different precious gems and stones. Each of these exudes different meanings and resonates with different personalities.


Diamonds are one of the strongest, most expensive and most beautiful of gemstones. They are worn by royalties. Diamonds signify a prosperous and enduring relationship. Brides who choose diamond tiaras express clarity, positive thoughts and elegance. Brides with diamond tiaras enjoy waltzing to the music from classical musicians and value the beauty of tradition.


Ruby is also one of the hardest strongest gems. Its signature red color signifies strength of character and boldness of spirit. Ruby fits brides who are adventurous. They are full of new ideas and these translate to every detail in their wedding. They are most likely to agree to a honeymoon at exotic locations or receptions at out of the box venues. They are upbeat and are never dull. They are not afraid to live a life that is loud and full of colors.


Sapphire comes in a variety of colors. They come in blue pink, white, yellow, orange and purple. Its purest form is transparent. Of all these, blue sapphire is considered the most popular shade. Brides who choose to adorn their tiaras with sapphire are those who exude calmness of mind and a balanced perspective. These are the types of bride who welcome changes as life’s little surprises. They are not easily rattled by change and people usually look to them for strength.


There is no other gemstone that can rival the emerald in terms of the air of mystery than it exudes. Brides choose emerald for its beauty and sophisticated elegance. Green also symbolizes new beginnings which is a very fitting tone to start a life together. Brides wearing emerald exude innate wisdom, understanding and balance. They are the ones who know the details of her wedding from the inside out. They pay attention to details from the flowers, place holders to the wedding entertainment and give utmost importance to them.


The beautiful amethyst is worn by brides who are in tune of their emotions and in control of their actions. They smile through difficulties and they exude positive radiance to those around them. Brides who wear amethyst are those who dazzle with their intelligence and calm demeanor. They look at the bright side of things and always see the glass as half full.

Precious gems and stones add sparkle to the already radiant bride. Bridal tiaras are timeless and they amplify the beauty and elegance of any bride who wears them.

About the author:

Melissa Page is a professional writer who loves everything about weddings. She blogs for Music for Scotland, a premier live music agency who represents reputed DJs, classical musicians, and wedding bands in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Fife and Scotland. When she’s not busy writing, she hangs out with her friends in a coffee shop. She also loves traveling, bowling, and books.

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Johanna Johnson Headpieces and Veils

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Johanna Johnson Luxor Collection

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