Cartier Tiaras And Classic Jewelry

Rose and Lily Corsage Ornament, Cartier Paris, 1906, platinum, round old- and rose-cut diamonds, millegrain setting, 19.5 x 29 cm. Sold to Mary Scott Townsend, Cartier Collection

Founded in Paris in 1847, the House of Cartier originally sold a wide range of luxury goods including luxury jewelry made by several local Parisian ateliers.  Everything changed in 1899, when they set up their own design studio in making their own jewelry under one roof.

At the time, Cartier boldly rejected the popular Art Nouveau style which was considered high fashionable at the time, and turned their attention towards antique jewelry production.  They  introduced their neoclassical-period collection which emphasized tassels, ribbon and bows.

Cartier took grand risks at this time, where favored platinum over the traditional gold and silver.  Platinum allowed the diamonds to become more stable, especially when they favored most of their designs using small pave settings.  Tiaras and other jewelry could now hold thousands of tiny diamonds with the use of platinum.  With the availability of low cost, smaller diamonds in South Africa, Cartier’s risk-taking paid off.   Cartier quickly became popular with European royals and for wealthy Americans.  The royal courts of Europe were turning to Cartier for their jewels, as the French Louis XVI style jewels of the 1700’s never went out of style.  They housed an array of tiaras, brooches and pendant necklaces, and have become one of the well known jewelry designers of all time.

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Small example of a small kokoshnik tiara made in 1914 by Cartier at Paris is also made of platinum with a stylized Art Deco tree at the centre with branches undulating outward ending in black onyx leaves all set against a diamond background. Pearls were set at rhythmic intervals to enliven its unbroken contours.

This diadem, made by Lavabre for Cartier Paris as a special order, 1911.
Diamonds in open-back millegrain platinum setting. A running scroll with
garlands and stylised buds, framed by double row of diamonds.

Marquise Wedding Jewelry

Atelier Emé Ad featuring a Marquise Diamond NecklaceAtelier Emé Ad featuring a Marquise Diamond Necklace

Marquise diamonds are a very unique choice of diamond. The shape features an elongated frame with pointed ends. Many people believe that the marquise diamond received its name from Louis XV, and in fact it did! Louis XV commissioned to have the diamond created for his mistress Marquise de Pompadour. Today it is referred to as the "Marquise's diamond" or the " Marquise"

Michael Douglas made headlines when he proposed to Catherine Zeta-Jones with a whopping 10 carat marquise cut diamond engagement ring. Today, tiaras containing marquise stones are quite rare, because marquise stones can take a little bit more time to set than the average stone. In addition, the marquise stone needs special consideration when it comes to positioning it into an attractive design.

The marquise diamond which forms an oval design is commonly found in Edwardian designs. The stone itself is quite a bit more ornate than the regular stone, and often is featured grouped in smaller scale stones than larger ones.

Elegant marquise bridal headpieces contain intricately-designed floral and striking flowers and leaves set in silver or gold-plated alloy. Dazzling rhinestones are brilliantly shaped to form vines for a light look that can be configured with the hair for a lovely presentation of beauty.

Marquise tiaras give themselves a regal appearance. They are an undeniably a gorgeous piece to wear in your hair on your special day.



The Queen Desirée Diamond and Ruby Parure

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
Crown Princess Mary now wears the Queen Desirée Diamond and Ruby Parure, which belonged to Queen Ingrid along with other jewels left directly to Frederik by his grandmother for his wife. Mary’s wedding veil was the one worn by Ingrid for her marriage. It came to Ingrid from her mother and has been worn by all of Ingrid’s daughters and various grandaughters. Princess Mary also inherited the weaving of the bouquet tradition , as it can be seen in the pictures from her wedding.

Understated Wedding Headbands

Headband Headpieces by Atelier Aimee
Headband Headpieces by Atelier Aimée

For the bride who wants a sleek look with her hair tied back but still wants something decorative in her hair, consider a headband bridal headpiece. Rather than the classic look where the tiara stands up, the headband sits face down for a sophisticated understated look. Wedding headbands can have a large amount of the jewels, but because the headpiece sits down, it becomes very understated. These looks are gaining popularity.