Unique 2016 Engagement Rings Trends

A sneak peek at the hottest engagement ring styles you can shop for now

The engagement ring has evolved over many years, although it has always been a symbol of the love between two people. The circle is supposed to represent the eternal bond, with no beginning or end whilst the space in the middle of the ring represents the unwritten future. For a while diamond rings were the only type of engagement ring which was considered genuine. Thankfully, there are now many different styles which you can choose from:

Floral accents

The simple engagement band can be enlivened and personalized by adding flowers and vibe across its service. They can be created with diamonds or the precious gem of your choice. It has a delicate touch of femininity to the ring.

Colorful diamonds

Instead if the clear diamond sat in the middle of your ring you can choose to have a colored diamond or even your preferred precious gem. To add luster to the ring it is possible to have a collection of small diamonds around the edge. Yellow and pink are popular choices although black and chocolate are becoming increasingly popular.

The square band

Rings no longer need to be circular! Surprisingly, square bands can be more comfortable than a circular band, it is less likely to pinch or constrict your blood flow. It will also look fantastic as the diamond or precious stone seems to lift out from it more than in a traditional circular ring.

Mixed metal halos

Go for something special and unique by mixing several colors in one ring. A simple rose gold halo can contrast perfectly against a white gold ring. Blending different types of metal is a new trend that seems to appeal to more and more women eager to make themselves noticed.

Accent stones

If you wish to stick with a semi-traditional ring you may consider having your central diamond accentuated by a colorful stone on each side. Your birthstone is a popular choice that you might want to start considering.


Older, Victorian style rings are flamboyant, often featuring an art deco style which can look fabulous on your wedding finger.  You do not need to find an antique ring to enjoy this, simply purchase one of the modern versions, or design your own!

Rose gold

This type of gold offers a softer, feminine style of ring which can be suited to all skin types and is available in all the same range of styles. It is also a little different for anyone looking to be unique.

Side views

The band of the ring is usually left alone; however, it is becoming increasing popular to draw an intricate design or to have a personal message inscribed.

Three stones

These are symbolic rings, each of the three stones represents the past, present and future; symbolizing the future you will build together with your partner. They are also known as Trinity rings or Trilogy rings.


Signet Rings Designs From My Family Silver

Signet rings

Today’s modern engagement rings come in a wealth of styles and models. The signet ring in particular, has a special allure because it can be easily personalized. Choose a sleek engraving or crest, and your fiancé will love it. Engraving a signet ring is the hottest trend. Have a love message etched on the inside of the band, and show her how much you care for her.

Split shank

Split your band into two as it approaches the main diamond. This will allow additional room for your smaller diamonds or your personal inscription. It can double the effect of the ring whilst creating a unique, architectural feel.

Marquise accent stones

This ring is a relative newcomer to the world of engagement rings and is almost guaranteed to both stand out and be different. It is a weaving of metal bars coming from the main band and each bar supports a marquise cut accent stone. The effect is simply stunning!

Mixed metal prongs

This is a particularly good style for anyone who wishes to have a colorful center stone. The prongs which hold and support the central stone are made in a different color to the rest of the ring. This color can be designed to match the color of your central stone, if required.

Hidden secrets

These may be the finest in romantic yet secretive rings. The rings are generally slightly larger and can be opened; inside you can keep a special message from your partner or your wedding vows!

Are you ready to choose an engagement ring for your fiancé? Make a sensible yet attractive choice and your future bride will feel like the luckiest woman alive.

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4 Bridal Jewelry Trends For 2016

Bridal Jewelry Trends 2016

If you’re planning on becoming a bride this year, it is important to know more about the most influential trends for 2016. This way you can shine brighter than ever on your big day. The wedding dress is a bride’s greatest concern. It has to fit you perfectly and match with your bridal jewelry. The right accessories paired with an exquisite gown will have the biggest impact on your future husband, family and friends.

Choosing the right jewelry set for your big day is challenging, so there’s no wonder that brides spend weeks juggling between the right bracelets, necklaces, earrings, diamonds or colored gemstones – the variety is endless, so you should start your search as early as possible. Here are some bridal jewelry trends that will make you look sublime.

Vintage inspired jewelry trends

This 2016, wedding earring sets exude an air of vintage-inspired elegance. They come in different shapes and styles. Pearl earrings with crystal accents and colored gems will emphasize the beautiful features of your face. Because they’re bold and imposing, make sure the make-up is discreet; this way the entire look will appear fresh and enticing. Drop earrings in particular, are the coolest trend for this season. They come in a wide range of styles so that they can fit perfectly with your chosen wedding theme classic/modern with a dramatic appeal, or luxurious with a touch of sassy elegance.

Wedding Ring Trends

This 2016, brides are looking for rings made of white, yellow or pink gold with precious or semi-precious stones like sapphires, rubies or diamonds. But then again, there are brides that prefer simpler wedding bands without any stones or precious gems. With or without the stones, a wedding ring’s main purpose is to create a bond between you and your future spouse. Bespoke signet rings have recently grabbed our attention. They’re bold and they can be personalized after the wish and preferences of the bride or the groom. They can be engraved with each other’s names, or feature a crest that defines the love that you share.

Once a symbol of power and domination today’s signet is more discreet and appealing; thus making it ideal for both men and women as wedding bands. Choose from a variety of models in different shapes and sizes, and decide on a ring that screams ingenuity and originality.

Statement Wedding Accessories

In the past, bridal jewelry sets were more discreet and not that flashy. Nowadays, the bolder the pieces the better; brides want their earrings and necklaces to be bolder and more visual than ever before! A couple of year ago, women used to wear necklaces in a more minimal approach. Right now, fancier alternatives with bolder stones and sophisticated crafts are a lot more appreciated because they make a memorable impression. They give brides an opportunity to look exclusive on their wedding day.

Statement jewelry sets are a perfect way to complete a rather simpler wedding gown and hairstyle. In fact, this sheer, classic wedding outfit is in trend. A bride has to look elegant and effortless, but she should be able to add a twist to her look with bold jewelry.

All Eyes On Pink Gold

Another cool wedding jewelry trend for 2016 is rose gold, also known as pink gold, which has a warm, elegant and timeless allure. It is different from white and yellow gold, and it will give your outfit a discreet retro allure. The sets are particularly appealing for brides fond of the old-fashioned, vintage-inspired style. They go really well with long, simple lace dresses and a classic hairdo. Jewelry sets that uphold current wedding traditions but approach them in a creative, flexible way will be highly preferred by future brides this year.

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Rose Gold Rings Studio1040

Pink Jewelry

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How to Find The Perfect Bridal Jewelry According To Your Face

Back Stage At The Reem Acra Fall 2015 Wedding Show.jpg

Back Stage At The Reem Acra Fall 2015 Wedding Show

Jewelry is a fundamental part of a future bride’s wedding ritual. However, finding the right set is easier said than done. Apart from selecting exquisite jewelry, brides have to make sure that what they like also flatters their face and personal style. Personal taste, skin tone and face shape matter just as much as current trends. Bridal jewelry sets have to be purchased with extreme attention otherwise the bride risks making an investment that doesn’t match with her sense of fashion.

Here are some tips on finding jewelry that will make you look like a princess on your big day.

Know More About Your Face Shape

It’s fundamental that you understand what kind of face shape you have to be able to pick a set of wedding jewelry that flatters your complexion. To be sure that you’re making the right choice, first you have to assess your forehead.

Broader foreheads are perfect for women who like statement piece with precious stones; however, if yours is rather narrow, then you’d better stick to more discreet pieces.

Now let’s have a closer look at your ears. Women with big ears should stay away from earrings that are too bold and voluminous; these will accentuate the dimension, and you certainly don’t want that happening on your big day. If your ears are not complementing your face, then you might also want to let your hair down.

Marina Locke Photography

Marina Locke Photography

Elie Saab.jpg

ELIE SAAB Autumn/Winter 2015-2016

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne Seen At the Daily Mail

Matching Jewelry With The Dress

Future brides are extremely meticulous. They want to have the perfect dress, perfect hairstyle and make-up, and of course, perfect jewelry. However, all that is useless if you can’t have balance. There has to be fluidity when mixing all these things. The dress for example, has to go well with the jewelry. A beautiful white gown for instance, shouldn’t be adored with gold embellishments. Instead, you might want to consider platinum or pearls to match with the white gown.

Diamond-white dresses on the other hand, work great with silver and gold accessories, even rose gold if you’d like. But then again, if your gown is ivory, the best jewelry sets are the ones in warmer undertones of yellow. The creamy tint of your dress will match perfectly with discreet tones of gold.

Finding the perfect jewelry to go with your wedding dress, face, and personal sense of style seems like a real struggle. And yet, it’s not something impossible to achieve provided that you learn to create balance. Women with long, oval faces should consider statement sets made from a mix of materials and precious stones. However, if you have a rather chubby face with prominent cheekbones, discreet thin jewelry might seem like the best idea. In spite of current trends, always consider selecting jewelry that you like. Bottom line is, it’s your wedding day so you can do whatever you want and whatever you think it’s required to feel confident in your own skin.

Wedding Headpiece Photo by Erik Almås Photography

Photo by Erik Almås Photography

Beautiful Headpieces

DolorisPetunia Etsy,Playbuzz,Valentino FW 2015, Floral Headpiece from Headhunter,Antonio Riva Collection 2015,Brit Morin,Fashion Photography by Gabor Jurina,Elena Designs Headpiece

,Seen at tocadosletouquet.blogspot.com.es,Elie Saab

1stand2ndTimeAround on Etsy

1stand2ndTimeAround on Etsy

Stunning Wedding Headpieces
arabia.style.com, WhoWhatWear,Hat headpiece -Queen by Igor Oussenko Tumbr, kulturologia.ru, Philip Treacy, S/S 2015. Photograph by Kurtiss Lloyd, 20s Flappers Seen at queenbee1924.tumblr.com,Ikone Paris , Brynja Jónbjarnardóttir, photographed by Toby Knott, Hermione Harbutt: Love My Dress

Jewelry That Works With Your Skin

Metals are the easiest to select. They’re easy to divide into warm and cool categories too. If you have a pale tone, then you might want to go with silvery white metals such a platinum, white gold, silver, stainless steel or titanium. On the other hand, brides with warmer tones are advised to opt for metals in yellowish darker nuances of copper, brass, yellow gold, or pewter.

Selecting The Perfect Wedding Ring

Before jumping in and choosing the shiniest ring you can see in a jewelry store, you have to settle on a budget. Your next step is to decide on the metal, and last but not least on the model. Classic wedding rings are the best; they’re timeless and they’ll never go out of style. However, if you’re a fan of trendy rings, then you might want to know that this season is all about family crest signet rings, and vintage-inspired bands with a twist. As far as the material is concerned, platinum is one of the best choices you can make. However, you have to be aware the price. Platinum doesn’t come cheap; its greatest advantage is that it’s strong, long-lasting and enduring.

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Napoleon’s Diamond Necklace

Napoleon's Diamond Necklace

Napoleon's Diamond Necklace, Marie Antoinette Diamond Earrings

The Napoleon Diamond Necklace containing 172 diamonds with a total weight of 275 carats is by far one of the nicest diamond necklaces ever to be seen. Napoleon I of France divorced his first wife Empress Joséphine, as she wasn't able to produce a child to continue the royal line. He re-married two months later to Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria. The necklace was designed by Etienne Nitot et Fils of Paris and was then presented by Emperor Napoleon of France to his second wife, Marie-Louise of Austria on the birth of their son Napoleon II,in 1811. The necklace has an estimated total weight of 263 carats, the largest single diamond weighing approximately 10.4 carats.

In 1815, Napoleon was exiled to Saint Helena, and Marie Louise returned to Austria with the necklace, and owned it until her death. Marie-Louise died in 1847, and the necklace was given to Archduchess Sophie of Austria (who was her sister in law) who then altered the necklace for herself. She ended up removing two of the stones and made earrings. The whereabouts of the earrings are unknown.

Then, in 1872, the necklace was entrusted to the Archduchess’ son, Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria. In 1948, Archduke Ludwig’s grandson, Prince Franz Joseph of Liechtenstein then sold the necklace to a French collector who then sold it to Harry Winston in 1960.

Marjorie Merriweather Post

Marjorie Merriweather Post obtained the necklace from Winston and donated it to the Smithsonian Institution in 1962 and it sits in the and it has since remained on display at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. today.

Marjorie Merriweather Post was the founder of General Foods, Inc. She was 27 when her father died, and she became the owner of the Postum Cereal Company later become one of the wealthiest women in America.  Marjorie Post donated some of the most incredible jewelry to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. where it is displayed in the Harry Winston exhibit. To give you an idea how wealthy this woman was, she donated the Napoleon Necklace and Marie Louise Diadem, Diamond earrings set with pear shapes weighing 14 carats and 20 carats once belonging to Marie Antoinette. The Blue Heart Diamond, a 30.82 carat blue heart diamond ring; and an emerald and diamond necklace and ring belonging to Mexican emperor Maximilian. Although this necklace was not apprised, in 1993, the auction house Christie’s in Geneva sold another necklace that Napoleon had given to Marie-Louise which sold for $13 million.