Julius Ceasar and Emperor Napoleon Laurel Leaf Crowns

A laurel wreath crown is one of the oldest designs in history, and are often seen with an assortment of either flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs which then form a circular crown.   Julius Caesar was one of the first gvt officials to print his own bust on a Roman minted coin which he is featured wearing a diadem.  He wasn't the first to wear a leaf crown on his head.  In ancient Greece,  Apollo was believed by the people at the time to be an Olympian God, and was represented wearing a laurel wreath on his head. 

 Ceasar was one of the most memorable rulers to wear a laurel wreath crown.  Today we see multitudes of statues and marble busts featuring a very thick laurel wreaths worn in his hair.  The bible even mentions Ceasar in the famous verse "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's", when Jesus was talking about paying taxes.   Jesus, taught us to adhere to the governement rules that we were governed under but not to worship man, only God. Sadly, though many rulers through history accepted worship. 

Julius Caesar was awarded the Corona Civica called the civic crown, a laurel leaf for valor while fighting in Asia Minor and often the one we see featured in statues.  Caesar was so popular during his rule that he was declared a god by the Senate, and sadly then worshipped by the Romans.   Caesar started wearing a robe, crown and scepter after accepting this title.    It was also thought that the reason why Julius Caesar started wearing a crown after his declaration as dictator was to cover his receding hairline which was becoming very evident.   Caesar was hardly divine, as he had been married 3 times, andhad been known to be romantically involved with 3 women. Caesar and Cleopatra VII (Queen of Egypt) were romantically involved for 14 years but could not marry, as under Roman law, marriage was only allowed between two Roman citizens.

Julius Caesar Louvre- Crown

Caesar Augustus Bust

Caesar was then killed on the Ides of March (the 15th) 44 BC, and it was then that his nephew Augustus took over.   The names Augustus and Caesar were adopted by every subsequent emperor, and the month of Sextilis was officially renamed August in his honour.   The one and only true and living God told us in the 2nd through the 5th commandment to not have any other gods before him, and not to make ourselves idols, which we bow down to worship.  

Crowns were also used more in more ways than just to signal emperors and government officials.    During the time frame between the 8th to 146 BC  wreaths were awarded to winners in athletic competitions such as in the ancient Olympics. 

In renaissance times, great poets were crowned with a laurel leaves to signify them as princes among poets.  Today you also see the laurel wreath represent a high degree of education.  The symbol represents universities, and often represents commitment and dedication.

Emperor Napoleon was famously known for the painting featuring him in his coronation robes and laurel wreath headdress.  The laurel wreath symbol with the letter N were marked everywhere showing off the grandness of his kingdom.   Napoleon is considered to have be a military genius, and is known for commanding many successful campaigns.  In a little more than a decade, he acquired control of most or all of the western and central mainland of Europe.  He was a brilliant military strategist, able to absorb the substantial body of military knowledge, and apply it to circumstances of his era.

Napoleon I was crowned Emperor of the French on December 2nd in 1804. Napoleon's coronation was planned with great a precision as he did his wars. 

Napoleon's coronation day began a lavish procession of many people including the  army, as well as the legislative, judiciary government officials which made their way to the coronation, in grand carriages.  It took an hour for all the carriages to reach the cathedral.   Napoleon's royal coach was ornamented with gold and emblazoned with a capital N, drawn by eight horses.  The Emperor was dressed in purple velvet embroidered with gems and gold.  

Emporer Napoleon Coronation Painted by Jacques Louis David

In Jacques Louis David's famous painting of the coronation, shows Joséphine kneeling before Napoléon during his coronation at Notre Dame. Behind him sits pope Pius VII.    The ceremony itself took more than three hours, and many claims were made that he seized the crown out of Pope Pius VII's hands during the ceremony to avoid subjecting himself to the authority of the pope. 

Napoleon took a crown known as the Charlemagne crown and placed it on his own head.   He then returned to the altar and replaced the Charlemagne crown with a laurel wreath crown made of gold which was worn by Roman Emperors.   Napoleon's golden crown of laurel leaves was said to cost 8,000 Francs.  Napoleon then took the Charlemagne Crown and walk to the kneeling Josephine and held the crown up, and stated that he was crowning Josephine as his wife.  

The Coronation dress of Napoleon and Josephine was a white silk which was embroidered in gold.  Napoleon's robe was a was a velvet which was embroidered with Imperial bees in gold and the capital letter N surrounded by a wreath of interlaced branches of olive, laurel, and oak.  

Napoleon adopted his own version of Charlemagne's bee as a symbol for his reign, and we see this symbol today reproduced today in stencils because of it's elegant beauty. 

Martin Biennais created Napoleon's Charlemagne coronation crown.   The actual French Coronation crown (which was known by that name) had been destroyed during the French Revolution, and the newly designed crown was also known by that name.   The newly Charlemagne Crown was designed to have an appearance of a Medieval crown  and was set by dozens of antique Roman cameos.   The Regent diamond was also set into the handle of Napoleon's coronation sword.  Napoleon eventually was abdicated and was then exiled to the Island of Elba where he died. 

The Laurel is still one of the most classic looks for a wedding tiara.  The soft gentle leaves often soften a tiara and break up the surface of jewels which make it grand but not to condensed or heavy to wear.   The Bay Laurel is known by several names:  (True Laurel, Sweet Bay, Laurel Tree, Grecian Laurel, Laurel, and Bay Tree).  This tree is an evergreen tree which is native to the Mediterranean region.  Its leaves are about 6–12 cm long and 2–4 cm broad.   Through out the years, the Laurel tiaras and jewelry still remain some of the most beautiful jewels worldwide. 

Napoleon's Coronation- Laurel Leaf Crown

Simulated Diamond and Yellow Necklace

Think of Queens and Princesses bedecked in the finest Jewelry, and you get this necklace!

Attractive Yellow cz squares are set in the center of silver circles and dangle attractively from an elegant leaf and circle giving this necklace a historical grand appearance! 

Emperor Napoleon Laurel Leaf Crown

Wedding Tiara - Naomi Campbell with a Laurel Tiara -Vogue Cover

Designer Inspired Classic Sterling Silver CZ Nature Leaf Pin Brooch

Sterling Silver Nature Leaf Brooch

Create your own simple tiara out of two of these brooch leaves.  Simply take wire and attach them to a comb or a metal headband for a very regal yet simplistic look. 

Designer Inspired Sterling Silver Diamond CZ Pave Double-Row Leaves Tennis Bracelet

Inspired Sterling Silver Diamond Pave Double-Row Leaves Tennis Bracelet

This breathtaking tennis bracelet is made of solid .925 sterling silver. Links of fashionable leaves are pave-set with dazzling diamond CZ stones all around.

This bracelet is capable of fitting a 7-inch wrist.  This piece has a delicate wearing feel and an interlocking tongue clasp with wing closures to emphasize beauty and function. Only the glory of diamonds can compete with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature!

Wedding Jewels - CZ Sterling Silver Leaf Necklace

CZ Sterling Silver Leaf Necklace

This lovely simplistic but very ornate necklace fits in with any beautifully designed necklace you will see at your local jewelers. 

Your jewelry can really set forth your look to either look cheap and inexpensive, or it can look like you have exquisite taste, and you only shop at the best jewelers. 

Much of this jewelery is very reasonably priced that you can get the look of high end antique jewelry without the price tag. 

Sterling Silver Simulated Diamond CZ Leaf Earrings

Sterling Silver Leaf Earrings

These beautiful genuine sterling silver (.925) are SHOW STOPPERS!

This stunning design of slender sparkling leaves hang down gracefully in a piece filled with beauty and simplicity.

Veronica's Stunning CZ Leaf Earrings

Veronica's Stunning CZ Leaf Earrings

These stunning leaf earrings are right out of Napoleon's grand looks.  These 1.5 inch sterling silver earrings have a leverbackclosing. The silver leaves are ornately decorated with tiny diamond cz stones.

A 3 mm diamond cz bezel set stone dangles in the center shining like a star.

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